1. ScoobySnackssx's Avatar
    I forgot the password to one of my email accounts. But that account is still linked and active on my bb. Is there any way I can get my bb to show me that password?
    12-04-11 07:37 AM
  2. kbz1960's Avatar
    Not sure about that but you should be able to attempt to log in on a pc or what you have and then click on the link for "forgot password".
    12-04-11 08:01 AM
  3. selfishreflect's Avatar
    this happened to me before. i have like 9 email addresses (yes, it's weird but it keeps me organized) and i forgot the master password. i had all of them linked to one another, gmail to yahoo and yahoo to gmail etc. and i was able to recover all of them step by step.

    basically reset each password every time. was lucky.

    good luck to you.
    12-04-11 09:03 AM