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    I never thought I would be posting here lol but I am thinking you I could get some advice here! Here is my issue....

    A year ago I got stalked the HTC EVO and got it when it first came out and feel in dirty love with it!! It seriously loved it and never thought I would ever even look at a different phone. I have to say it was/is a amazing phone and had no complaints. HTC should portably pay me because I have been a running spokesperson for them.

    Well we decided to switch carriers and decided to go with AT&T and I always said if I went there I would go iPhone even despite loving android. We signed up for service and and because I was hoping the iPhone 5 would come out I got the Samsung Captivate(it was pretty much free) and if it came out ine the 30 days I was going to exchange it.... If not I was going to exchange for the iPhone 4.

    I really disliked the Samsung which I sort of expected. Well I ended up inquiring a iPod touch 4gen last night and feel in love!! It was perfect I have my apps, text and facetime, music( rhapsody and pandora), and I have the internet....i have free wifi at home ans pretty much everywhere i go. Not to mention its a nice piece of equipment! I also really like that it is separate I think from my phone... I play A LOT and it's sort of nice to have something for that.

    So I got thinking why do I Need a iPhone everything I wanted I have now? I want a GOOD phone and something to text with...I send a couple 1000's a month. I started to think a blackberry bold or curve might be a good way to go. I know really nothing about BB. I am thinking of selling my Samsung....i paid a $0.01 so I will make a profit!

    Good idea or bad? Any and all feedback is welcomed I am having a hard time wondering if I'm crazy or of this is a great idea!
    08-28-11 12:48 PM
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    First...Common Fact among BB users is that The bold is known to have the best keyboard in the industry so you may want to try that.

    You mentioned your ipod gives you all the apps you want so I must ask what do you want out of a phone then maybe we can help you out some more.
    08-28-11 01:10 PM
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    You used the words "nice piece of equipment"
    Ever handled a 'Berry for more than 10 seconds?

    Excluding "Face Time", there's still a lot of internet radio and apps to be had on BlackBerry, some decent games if you're willing to look, but a bunch of everything else. If you like touchscreen, get a new Torch, best keyboard in the market, Bold or Curve. Having the most secure platform on the planet is a nifty little bonus. You soon discover how much personality and style BlackBerry has after spending some time with it, and unlike Android or iPhone, you do not need to root or jajlbreak your device to minorly or majorly revamp how your interface works or what it looks like.

    I don't think you're crazy, I think you're just starting to realize that because something isn't the hottest rage amongst the young crowd or media doesn't mean it can't be better at some stuff than the big two. On the other hand, if I'm wrong you'll be cursing my name until doomsday
    Put it to you this way: I have been an Apple person all of my life. Had Macintosh when I was 5, still use Mac to this day. I was stuck on iPhone for the longest stretch, and after a weird set of events, I ended up trying a BlackBerry despite a major prejudice I had against my idea of the demographic, and almost ignoring all the doom and gloom talk that goes not much further than people online. Time with the device and a short time later, you have one of the most loyal CrackBerry addicts on the planet. The infamous iOS has some unbeatable apps depending on what you do and are perfect on a tablet, but if this platform can make ME so loyal, well damn there must be something special and extremely worthwhile going on with it.

    Hope my foaming at the mouth rant gave you one valid perspective to look at.

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    08-28-11 01:17 PM
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    My biggest and real issue I had with my evo was the battery and I have heard that is pretty across the board with smartphones what I need out of my phone is it too operate like a phone... Something as much as I rave about with he evo I mainly used it as a toy and time killer. But many times when I needed to text or even more so make a call my batter was near dying

    *a good soild phone(not willing to go to a flip phone lol)
    *decent battery
    *good texting and email/gmail capabilities
    *decent browser...but this is almost a just in case thing if I didn't have my work laptop, home computer, or iPod touch with me
    *gps navigation would be awesome but not a deal breaker. I really loved the sprint navigation and used it a lot
    08-28-11 01:24 PM
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    Blackberrys have great battery life!!
    I can use mine all day and charge it at night with charge still left. Occasionally if I am on pandora alot I will have to do a midday charge but that's it.

    I text all the time so I know that a blackberry is perfectly fine for this and as for the Gmail you will LOVE your push email. Within 5 seconds of the person pushing send you get the email. Better then any other platform.

    Blackberry has been know to have browser issues but I just use Opera it's just as fast as the other browsers (ipod and android) if you don't mind it having bad image quality. If you really need a perfect browsing experience, you will get it from the stock browser with lower speeds.

    While there is gps navigation on the blackberry there is no free Voice Guided Navigation.

    Some people have been known to have bad battery life with their blackberrys (I originally did) The usual fix for this for OS6 devices is to wipe your device and install OS If you need help with that there is a forum full of people with experience in how to do it.
    08-28-11 01:32 PM
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    My first personal smartphone was an iPhone 3g. I still have it but there's no cellular service on it any more. I use it like an iPod. I don't plan on using it as a phone again.

    I want to go with a cheaper carrier like Virgin Mobile USA. So I'm going to get the Curve 8530 but I'm not in a rush because I'm hoping the Curve 9330 will be available once it's discontinued by major carriers. When I went to check out a Curve 9330 in the store. I didn't like typing on it at first. Before switching, make sure you actually like typing on it. I still plan on getting a Curve though. I haven't tried typing on the new Bold yet.
    08-28-11 01:54 PM
  7. jonathon.94's Avatar
    The Curve 9330 (Same model I have) Takes some getting used to. Once you adjust to it, you can type pretty fast on it...of course as I said the Bold is still the best keyboard
    08-28-11 01:58 PM
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    So bold seem likes the way to go sould I place my Samsung on craigslist and try to get just $$$ or see if anyone wants to trade for a new AT&T bold or good condition...the Samsung is only 3 days old and still has the plastic on back lol I I will pay more if I go through AT&T directly. I considered calling some of those used cellphone stores but I almost feel like they are always trying to screw me in some way :/
    08-28-11 02:28 PM
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    While there is gps navigation on the blackberry there is no free Voice Guided Navigation.
    LifeInPocket is free and has voice turn by turn navigation.
    08-28-11 02:34 PM