06-01-08 12:26 PM
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  1. ADberry's Avatar
    I dropped mine in the toilet bowl!!. it was in my back pocket and fell in when i sat down.
    Wow...so someone did do that! Just a couple days ago I had my BB in my hand (usually its in my pocket/holster) and I went to the laundry room which happens to be within my large bathroom..on my way out I walked across the toilet bowl and I was like holy **** what if my BB slips and falls in (yes, that is definitely paranoia)! Has anyone's fallen in there? And now I see your post!
    05-30-08 03:41 PM
  2. ADberry's Avatar
    I see a lot of getting-out-of-the-car-dropping-the-BB posts. I think most cars have a compartment on the side of the door for coins n stuff where one's BB can lie safely. I put mine there and it hasn't fallen out once (touch wood!) plus its as convenient to pick up as it is when on the lap.
    05-30-08 03:46 PM
  3. latina berry's Avatar
    Sorry to hear that.
    05-30-08 03:54 PM
  4. Gin201's Avatar
    dropped mine shooting basketball, it hurt you get the same feeling that you did when you were little and about to get in trouble. Its better when you know it still works
    05-30-08 04:33 PM
  5. silx29's Avatar
    I dropped my curve 2 minutes after I got it. I was in my car, and I put my bb on my lap. I was looking for the receit, couldn't find it. So I got out to get it in the store and BAM! I ****ted my pants. Feels like when I scratched my car for thr first time or something. Now I don't care cuz I got seidio hard case

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    05-30-08 06:27 PM
  6. hard2say's Avatar
    Just the other night, I was walking my dog and JiveTalking at the same time. As I was walking down the stairs (we live on the second floor) my dog jerked me pretty good (stupid neighborhood cats) and there went my BB out of my hand, smacked on the stairs and eventually fell a flight down through the stairs into gravel. I was amazed that i have only a single little ding on the top left hand corner of the phone.

    Now i just need to get a new dog... J/K
    05-30-08 06:48 PM
  7. PanaSama's Avatar
    I had never droped my curve, but my old 7250 has seen the floor far too many times that i would had liked , the worst was this time when my holster got upsidedown... seriously it wouldnt had been that much of a tragedy if my BB had just fell from my waist, the problem was when i violently swinged my arm in an atempt to catch my little friend thus sending it flying through the room hiting the wall and then bouncing on the floor, my girlfreind at the time was just like dude why did you throw your BB to the wall? fortunately my BB lived through this with just some scratches on the back and on the corners and no screen damage, but hey good thing i didnt pitched a curve
    05-30-08 07:06 PM
  8. cain0013's Avatar
    Don't put your phone in the oven. Lol. You guys crack me up! I'm glad your berry survived.

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    05-31-08 02:10 AM
  9. barnettj's Avatar
    I dropped mine on a concrete floor today at work (first time ever). Then, in my haste to pick it up and put the battery back in and replace the back cover, I almost dropped it again. Thankfully, it only suffered a few minor dings. Nothing major.
    06-01-08 01:22 AM
  10. Darkalo's Avatar
    Dropped mines on a fluffy pile of clothes the first time. Sent me into a state of shock, so a couple weeks later when it fell onto hardwood floor without the holister, almost left permanent emotional scars.
    06-01-08 09:05 AM
  11. johnnywoods's Avatar
    hahahahahaha. Hilareeeeeee!
    06-01-08 12:13 PM
  12. MrP's Avatar
    I've dropped mine a couple times and I can't believe how friggin tough the thing is. My girlfriend however set her old pearl on the door jam to her cars trunk to unload something forgot it was there and shut it. That poor phone didn't make it-but then she upgraded to a curve.

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    06-01-08 12:26 PM
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