1. Slurry69's Avatar
    So I have three email accounts on my phone and I'm not sure if any of them are working, one is very important because it is my work email and one other is supposed to be connected to my facebook and send my facebook notifications through it. Lately I haven't gotten anything from any of my accounts! How can I check and or fix this problem?
    05-03-09 01:15 AM
  2. fruitmix23's Avatar
    Email yourself to from your facebook email account to the work email while the work email is not on.

    Alternative is to ask your service provider. I am assuming you have a data plan and not just wifi.

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    05-03-09 01:24 AM
  3. dictoresno's Avatar
    yea seriously.....email yourself would be the most obvious idea.
    05-03-09 01:41 AM
  4. Slurry69's Avatar
    Tried that before I even posted this! not working.
    05-03-09 02:01 AM
  5. anon1928001's Avatar
    Just a hunch, and maybe you tried already: Battery pull and re-send service books could solve it. Also, do you receive the mails normally when you use a "normal" e-mail client?

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    05-03-09 02:16 AM
  6. SofaKingKev's Avatar
    if you have a BIS account(not BES through work) login to your BIS page via your blackberries email setup icon. once you login, go to the service books>send service books.. you should get a confirmation to each of your email accounts within seconds..
    05-03-09 02:21 AM