1. Katmandoitall's Avatar
    So I went to the crackberry app store (using my computer) and purchased an app. Now how do I find and load the app onto my Bold 9900?
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    03-07-12 11:00 AM
  2. nomloj's Avatar
    That depends. Did you buy it for your phone or Playbook? If you bought it for your Playbook (and it was written only for the Playbook), you're not going to see it on your phone. If you bought it for the phone, my experience is that I just go into the App World on the phone, go to My World, and look under Uninstalled. It should appear under that tab (on my 9860, I had to click on Installed to get a dropdown to see the Uninstalled tab). When you click on it, it'll have the Re-Install option. Hope that helps.
    03-07-12 11:07 AM