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    After hearing HTML was coming the BIS update a few months ago, my excitement was killed when I found out you had to be using 4.5. Just the other day, 4.5 appeared on US Cellular's BlackBerry download page. I wasted no time in downloading and upgrading my phone. After a few months without HTML email, I had all but forgotten about it. This morning I received an email receipt from PayPal and almost didn't even notice how beautiful it looked: colors, tables, images... It was only after I stared for a good few seconds that I remembered: HTML email! I must say it's finally nice to have. I no longer regret all of that email coming to my phone. It makes it worth it. Hopefully this will be the month most of us receive 4.5 from our carriers!

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    09-06-08 09:42 AM
  2. gritmaster's Avatar
    I'm pleased you got it working.
    09-06-08 09:46 AM