1. nick125's Avatar
    As Murphy would have it, the day that I order some screen protectors, I pull my BB out of its case and notice two really fine scratches on the screen. My first reaction is the sinking "Nooooooooooo" feeling followed by panic. I tried using Brasso on the screen, and the scratches are lighter, but they are still visible. Any ideas on how to get rid of them? Should I just keep trying the Brasso?
    08-02-08 01:28 AM
  2. brothamoveson's Avatar
    You might want to conduct search on the site there have been a few threads about scratches. I am sure you will find what you are looking for. I look at my scartches as battle scars.
    08-02-08 01:31 AM
  3. AUtigers350z's Avatar
    I've tried PlastX on my 8310 with no luck.. better suggestions would be appreciated!
    08-02-08 05:29 AM
  4. RedWings's Avatar
    1. Replace the screen. Really cheap. Cnn.cn for the screen

    2. Apply the screen protector. Some have said after doing this the scratches disappear

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    08-02-08 06:17 AM
  5. mobiman's Avatar
    Not sure if this available in the US. I used a solution called scratch x.

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    08-02-08 06:21 AM
  6. wdekler's Avatar
    I don't know if it works but I read in one of these post a while back someone suggested using a gel toothpast and an other one was an eye glass scratch remover?
    08-02-08 06:47 AM
  7. FF22's Avatar
    If they are really light scratches, sometimes the screen protector will hide them when it is placed on the unit. But if you purchased the sticky type (apply with special solution), you might not want to experiment and find they don't get hidden.

    Good luck. Applesauce - made for ipods can work out scratches.
    08-02-08 09:00 AM
  8. uncheels23's Avatar
    If you put one of these on Best Skins Ever Home Page you will not see them anymore

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    08-02-08 09:05 AM
  9. seipmoney's Avatar
    as red wings said, cnn.cn has the covers for like ten bucks.
    08-02-08 09:25 AM