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    So we all know that BB10 is going to have an awesome OS. We know this because we have all seen PB and know that QNX is an amazing OS with a great UI.

    However, how will RIM respond to users who say "So What?" when BB 10 comes out. The way I see it there are the following users:

    1. Those who have left BB (or never had one). How will they be convinced to drop their iPhones/Android and buy a BB10 device? We know that BBM and those amazing keyboards arent going to do it since RIM has that now.

    2. Those who have a BB and are currently stuck on contract and cant wait to drop it for an Android/iPhone. How will they be convinced to give BB another chance after it has caused them so much pain?

    I think what is missing is some overwhelming reason to stay with BB. A feature (maybe a UI?) that just takes your breath away and makes you WANT a BlackBerry. One possibility is some sort of 'out of the box' integration with your car (since QNX is big in auto) which no other device can have... But that would mean getting the auto manufacturers on board...

    Your thoughts/ideas?
    02-04-12 07:07 AM
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    Lets just wait for the phone to come out first.
    02-04-12 07:28 AM
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    The biggest thing RIM can do to stand-out is taking the UI/OS to the next level

    The grid of apps is, in my opinion, 'old' A next generation UI/OS will be more integrated and there'll be much more continuity in the process of using the phone.

    Top spec camera and image functionality, high quality 'Ex. Bose room filling' sound from two speakers.

    Cutting-edge technology should be showing-up in the phone. Ex. virtual keyboard and screen, amazing sound

    And an ecosystem that appears to be easy to use - 'plug and play'
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    02-04-12 08:31 AM