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    Hello, I am new to this forum and I have searched repeatedly before creating this thread, the information may be here but I cant find it or perhaps I dont know the correct esoteric jargon to search properly.
    I have recently purchased a Sprint Blackberry Bold 9650. I have phone service with At&t already but I thought the phone would make a nice addition to or compliment some of the other devices I already have and I could use it when I travel. I bought the Sprint Bold because I plan to get service with them in the future if some of the promises regarding service improvements/expansion pan out. I had a lady friend previously who had the BB 8900 and I thought it was the finest piece of hardware(chrome and metal w/that I beautiful qwerty keyboard) had ever come across. I purchased this phone specifically to do email with and so forth via the WiFi connection and I could pop in a sim for voice when I travel.

    I don't pay for mobile data now and I haven't for awhile because I can't use it. The service in my area is horrible. So for now, until a service provider can actually offer an adequate, usable data signal I am using Pre paid AT&T for voice and text and WiFi for data.

    I provide this background as of indicating that I am not trying to rip anybody off etc....

    My question is this, How can I use my WiFi for all data functions this phone is supposed to perform? I paid the unsubsidized price for this phone as I did for all my others for exactly this reason. I can perform all neccessary functions with both my WM phone and my Android phone via WiFi. What gives with my Blackberry?
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    i cant find network with my wifi black bary 8900 help?
    09-04-10 08:50 PM