1. neod's Avatar
    Hi, guys, I'm really struggling with Syncing/Transferring my lifetime worth of contacts from my Bberry Classic running on 10 OS to my Mac/PC as the official Bberry Link software manages to Sync only 200-300 contacts and that's it. Does someone have any words of wisdom how to Sync/Move those contacts to a computer so that I could have a back up and transfer them over to a new phone please? Many thanks, Neo
    04-29-18 11:12 AM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    At this point.. not sure. There were a number of Backup Apps that would allow you to backup contacts that could then be moved to other email "system". Most were paid and aren't available at this point. You'll want to search BlackBerry World for a contact backup app and see what's there.

    You could always download the BlackBerry Content Transfer App... it "should" save info to Google Drive to allow for you to move to an Android Device.
    04-30-18 08:47 AM

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