1. Goldfingers's Avatar
    Does anyone have tips on how to stop stalled e-mail messages? I was trying to send several large jpg files, however several of the messages timed out (red x) while several others show still in progress ))) symbol. Those have been trying now for 10 hrs.!

    I know, I shouldn't have sent several at the same time. Next time I won't. But what I need now is how to stop the trying (among other things, it's hogging bandwidth and using up battery). In the menu option, there is no stop option like there is in the browser.

    I would strongly prefer not to "delete" the messages because I need the the attachments. I had to delete them to recover space. I know, I shouldn't have deleted them until the send confirmation came through. Next time I won't. What I need now is how to stop the send so I can recover the attachments.

    04-14-10 09:43 PM