1. franc's Avatar

    i have some applications in my BlackBerry 8900 Curve with OS which ask every time the try to open local content:

    The application ... has attempted to open local content. But it does not contain a signature. It might not be from a trusted source. Would you like to allow this?
    Yes / No

    e.g. YongReader, jTextLite ...

    I read the hint to activate the firewall but still they ask and there is no CheckBox where the BB can learn this question.
    I changed the permissions of the applications on:

    Interactions / Media / Prompt

    and on any setting where i can put "Prompt" i set it, but still after reboot the same thing, only Yes or No on fileopening-requests.

    Is there any way to get this fixed or is it just not possible, maybe because these softwares are not signed?

    I searched this forum and much more, but no solutions here for.

    Thank you,
    regards, franc
    06-12-10 03:57 AM