1. BBLifeSentence's Avatar
    Will be picking up a Bold 9900 and after reading all the negative experiences about having phones "Brick" "Nuked" I wanted to know how I can be absolutely sure that the phone I pick up is in fact a new phone and not a refurb.

    What are the tell tale signs of a refurb?
    11-27-11 08:13 PM
  2. SC457's Avatar
    None, they look brand new if they come from the carrier, except they sell them labeled as refurbs. Usually available online only as far as I know.
    11-27-11 08:23 PM
  3. Danf's Avatar
    Inside under the battery there should be a sticker that says re manufactured if it is a refurb.
    11-27-11 08:29 PM
  4. Deathcommand's Avatar
    Options, about, scroll down,
    Refurb: N.

    That means not refurbed.

    I think. Can someone confirm?

    Options, Status, type "buyr"
    Nothing will pop up. But just type it, Buyers Remorse shows up and activation date should be the day you bought it and Voice minutes should be VERY low.

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    11-27-11 08:53 PM
  5. stackberry369's Avatar
    If it is a furb,shouldn't it sell @ a discount?
    11-27-11 09:49 PM
  6. T
    Good spot. In Options>About mine says, "Refurbished: N." Thanks!
    11-27-11 10:20 PM
  7. dictoresno's Avatar
    they shouldnt be selling refurbs as new unless they tell you it is and at a discount.
    11-28-11 03:57 AM
  8. ichat's Avatar
    If they are selling it as new but refurb. then you should ask for refund anyway or tell them to give you the actual price and refund the differencer
    11-28-11 04:02 AM
  9. DenverRalphy's Avatar
    I've always preferred refurbs myself. In my experience they have less issues since they typically receive individual QC checks instead of being part of a batch where only a sample received any QC checks. As long as the housing is new (which is usually the case), I'm a happy camper with a refurb.
    11-28-11 10:29 AM