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    I have a T-Mobile Blackberry Curve 8320 through my work with unlimited minutes and data; however, I have to pay for each text message at 0.20 cents a piece. I have some friends that have BB Messenger and some that have AIM or Yahoo IM, but is there an app that I can download to send and receive texts free through my data plan?
    02-22-10 12:34 PM
  2. afropoika's Avatar
    SMS is part of the GSM system, there's no way to route SMS through the data channel.
    02-22-10 12:43 PM
  3. Username00089's Avatar
    You can text people through AIM or Yahoo and when they reply it goes
    right to your IM box.

    Out of curiosity, about how many SMS are you using a month? I ask because
    I just wonder if it's not enough to warrant just getting an SMS package
    added to your account instead of paying for each message.
    02-22-10 12:57 PM
  4. pshift's Avatar
    Maybe try google SMS text as a part of Gmail?
    02-22-10 01:29 PM
  5. Xopher's Avatar
    You can use Google Voice for sending and receiving SMS messates. Just make sure Google Voice isn't set up for forward the messages to your phone (you can set up GV to e-mail SMS messages, as well as use the GV app to send/receive SMS).
    02-22-10 02:18 PM
  6. vincentnyc's Avatar
    How do u sms thru aim and yahoo messenger? And what is this google sms via gmail?

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    02-22-10 05:28 PM
  7. vincentnyc's Avatar
    02-22-10 07:19 PM
  8. Motorcycle Mama's Avatar
    Of course that would work. Using the SMS Gateways has always been an option.
    02-22-10 07:50 PM
  9. sting5566's Avatar
    This sure does work, I know alot of people that use this method all the time and I have used it also.
    02-22-10 07:52 PM
  10. daboogas94e's Avatar
    i use Google Voice
    02-22-10 07:54 PM
  11. br.hoffman's Avatar
    I text thru email all the time for the same reason. Only issue is for my son who is on Sprint. If I type too much it gets cut off. So the standard text limits apply. Also when he replys I don't see the original txt. That's probably normal tho.

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    02-23-10 05:03 AM
  12. darkmanx2g's Avatar
    Easiest solution would be Google voice.
    02-23-10 06:38 PM
  13. vincentnyc's Avatar
    Lets say i use this on my blackberry = free
    but how would the other party respond? if they do reply to sender, how?
    must you put your name and phone number at the end of each email? that would surely eat up the 160 characters...

    any thoughts?
    U use ur email and when they respond, it will come back to ur email address.

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    02-23-10 07:09 PM
  14. pvdiamon's Avatar
    If you send an Email, you have the choice of any of your BB Email accounts. Then they reply to that account.
    02-23-10 07:12 PM
  15. pvdiamon's Avatar
    For US Cellular, it is:

    For ATT:
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    02-23-10 07:13 PM
  16. cherryjuice's Avatar
    You can also use Joopz.com if you and your buddy both have internet & are signed up with this site..

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    02-24-10 02:15 AM