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    Hi, I was wondering if anybody could help me solve this problem:
    I used to have a service plan in which when I was near a WIFI spot, my BIS connection turned to WIFI and when not it was in mobile network.

    In the last days, I changed my service plan for a cheaper and supposly, a better one. this plan has the following services: 10 email accounts, unlimited chat in blackberry messenger and SOME IM's.

    Since I got this new plan, the WIFI logo that appears in the main screen turned grey all the time and it does not matter if I am connected or not to a WIFI spot. I read in the manual and it says that when you have a complete WIFI service this logo should turn black and on other cases it should be grey. I actually can use the internet from the WIFI spot, this is not the problem.

    The problem is that I used to have in my other service plan, the opportunity to unlimited chat in any IM when the BIS and BES connection were in WIFI. NOw with this new plan it is always on mobile network.

    My question is: IS there any way to "unlock" this function that it seems my service provider did? I need to make the BIS and BES available for WIFI connection and not only for mobile network connection.

    I would appreciate if somebody could help me in this case. Because if I get to unlock this function, then I will be able to use my blackberry in any WIFI spot even though if the mobile network is not available.

    Thank you so much,

    Andres Gonzalez
    06-02-10 04:26 PM