1. imisiuk's Avatar
    so i downgraded from 5.0 to .266 and needed to wipe my deivce but i guess i didnt save all my apps and themes. The apps I dont care about as much but my themes are gone(i bought them off crackberry.com) is there any way to get it back without having to buy them again? or this may be a stretch but is there a special place they may have been saved to in my computer?

    thanks for your help.
    05-01-09 10:37 PM
  2. bx2md's Avatar
    I am not to sure but if you load up a back up some may come back
    also if you saved them by using zip
    you can always reload them
    I had to do this when i wiped my phone
    05-01-09 10:50 PM
  3. imisiuk's Avatar
    yeah i had to wipe before my downgrade but i lost everything and now i dont even have the App, & download folders? I screwed up bigtime!
    05-01-09 10:59 PM