1. boyvn91's Avatar

    I am using BB9700. When I sync contact details to the Outlook in my computer, it always changes the order of the name. For example:
    First Name: John A
    Last Name: Smith

    It will change to
    First Name: John
    Middle: A
    Last: Smith

    My contact details are all messed up now and I would really want to know how can I stop this.

    Many thanks
    04-17-10 03:34 PM
  2. jeffh's Avatar
    The example you give appears to have the first name and last name in the correct order. What is messed up about your contacts?
    04-17-10 09:18 PM
  3. boyvn91's Avatar
    This is because I have a lot of Asian friends. There should be only first and last name. With the middle name appeared, the order of name is messed up. Therefore, I could not know their full name in order.
    Do you know how to solve this problem?

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    04-18-10 07:15 AM
  4. jeffh's Avatar
    I'm still not understanding the problem. If you have contacts with only a first name and a last name, Outlook won't get confused. Most of my contacts are first and last name. You'll only have a problem if you've embedded a middle initial in the first name, as you did in your example. But the first name and last name are still correct. Outlook just took the middle initial out. I'm not familiar with the structure and norms for Asian names. If two word first names are the norm, then you'll have to fix them in Outlook. But you'll only have to fix them once. Once synched and fixed, Outlook won't change them again unless you edit the name field.
    04-18-10 07:24 AM