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    I recently had to get a BB (9530 Storm) for work. I linked it to my company's enterprise server in order to sync calendars, contacts, etc. When I opened my BB browser, I realized that even certain websites are blocked by my company's websense policy which was a bit disconcerting. Just how much privacy do I have? I'm sure they can see my emails and calendar, but can they read my instant messages, text messages, or even GPS location?
    02-18-09 09:18 PM
  2. jrod3055's Avatar
    This is up to company policy and should have been made known to you before you attached your phone to the BES. I am assuming the phone was bought by you and not given to you by the company. With all the junk that is out there, companies are cracking down on what goes through their server. I can only speak from personal experience and my work BB is strictly for phone and email. Which is why I have a personal BB phone, this gives me the freedom. I'm sure you will be getting some more opinions.
    02-18-09 09:28 PM
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    I would really like to know the answer to this question as I am in the same boat. However I have always lived by the policy that if I'm afraid of corporate seeing or reading it maybe I should do it on my own time. Just make sure your friends know its your work email/phone. I was the first of my college buddies to venture into the working world and had to reinforce that point several times until they got the picture

    I guess you could keep two bb's but isn't the whole point of a bb to have one device that does everything you need?

    Just my two cents

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    02-18-09 10:53 PM
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    I'm sure they can see my emails and calendar, but can they read my instant messages, text messages, or even GPS location?
    Yes to all of those.
    02-18-09 11:10 PM
  5. wolf1989's Avatar
    Everyone seems to ask this question. The answer 99.9% of the time is, THEY CAN SEE EVERYTHING. With anything at work whether it's a computer or a blackberry on their BES you should assume that they can access ad see anything and everything on there.
    02-19-09 02:55 AM
  6. dpeters11's Avatar
    We can even see who called you, who you called (with name if in your address book), even if it was a missed call and how long the call was.

    Now, it depends on the company of course, but I generally don't look at that very often as I have better things to do. The logs can be useful for troubleshooting, but I rarely look deeply into the logs unless theres an issue. In our case, the user owns the device so we put only basic controls on. I really don't care who you call, they're your minutes.
    02-19-09 09:51 AM