View Poll Results: Love Your Pearl?

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  • Love it? I'm obsessed with it!

    16 76.19%
  • It's ok, I guess... will upgrade to a new BB eventually

    3 14.29%
  • Don't know/don't care...

    2 9.52%
  1. Nemesis's Avatar
    As stated above, how much do you love your Pearl? Is it enough for it to be deemed a keeper? Tell us why or why not!!!
    06-08-07 01:08 PM
  2. tmag2005's Avatar
    I love all things BB but the Pearl I had nearly hit the kerb within a day!!!!

    Just my lack of intelligence for SureType

    Posted from my CrackBerry at
    06-08-07 03:36 PM
  3. Ryan Blundell's Avatar
    Seeing as how I just got mine yesterday (upgraded from a 7130g), I'm still in the early stages of love, maybe puppy love lol
    06-08-07 04:15 PM
  4. Scheezo's Avatar
    Its my first Smart phone, first blackberry and I really did want a Treo but the price tag ($0 with new subscription) was too much to pass up. With that said I really love my pearl a LOT. I have friends with Windows based phones and I've had problems with Windows ever since I switched from DOS in 1995. I don't need that agrivation with my phone. The Pearl is very reliable, don't have any crashes or problems. Once they get Flash support I'll be all the more happy. Bravo blackberry! You just earned a customer for a long long time.
    06-16-07 10:22 PM
  5. Chauntelle's Avatar
    Im officially obsessed and I've only had mine for less than a week! So many possibilities. Im a newbie to BB all together, this is my first. I think it was a GREAT jumping off point! I upgraded from a Razr... yeah they arent' even in the same category. Scary to think I only got this phone cuz its the only one Cingular had that wasnt flip that was "cute" and now that I can make the trackball change colors and add themes... AND get my yahoo email at work... well ITS ON! LOL

    I am having a prob though and Im hoping somebody can help me...

    I downloaded my first theme (im a NEW berry-addict) today off mobile41 and it looks awesome! I unzipped to a folder and used my desktop manager to install and everything! But now... MY INTERNET IS GONE! None of my links are "click"able and the icons for browsing are GONE! I tried changing the theme back and my browser icons are still missing.

    Can somebody help me please???
    06-16-07 10:38 PM
  6. CF Doc's Avatar
    I've had my pearl now for about a month, coming from a treo 650.

    I did have a 7100 a few years back, but had switched for MP3, camera and work related 3rd party programs.

    Now that the pearl satisfies all of the 7100's shortcomings (for me) and looks awsome I am happy.

    I am still struggling with the sure type, man I miss a full qwerty!! I have added tons of custom words to the list, but it is still an olympic event writing larger email when I'm on the road.

    Will see how it goes, might have to get a curve! I'll be keeping my eyes on the reviews.
    06-17-07 10:49 AM
  7. cheungsta's Avatar
    i LOOOOOOOOOVE my pearl....'nuff said =)
    06-17-07 11:31 AM
  8. J. Rehak's Avatar
    I think the Pearl is GREAT, the "smartest" SMALL smartphone!!
    07-09-07 10:59 PM
  9. gil#CB's Avatar
    need help. i dont have a web browser icon on my pearl. therefore i cant go on the internet. can someone help me?
    07-10-07 12:44 AM
  10. MOVEKWIK2002's Avatar
    need help. i dont have a web browser icon on my pearl. therefore i cant go on the internet. can someone help me?
    there are two thiongs that you can do to get that fixed

    1) go to options / advanced options /host routing table / menu / register now

    once you have done that give it a few then power cycle if that does not fix it you will need to

    2) to bb . com and download the new service pac ( i think ) it is for the maine state that will deffinatly fix it

    as for the question
    i loved my pearl more that any of my other phone / pda
    i got the curve now i have a new love
    07-10-07 11:40 AM
  11. Mouseworks's Avatar
    I love it. I used to use a Dell Axim PDA AND a Razr. I've got all the features of both in this, and I adapted to SureType very quickly, once I realized I could keep typing the word I wanted and even if the first half was "guessing" all wrong, it almost ALWAYS comes out right by the end. So now I type away and only rarely have to go back and correct anything. I really wanted and needed a slim, small phone and this model is perfect for me!
    07-17-07 03:17 PM
  12. timatl's Avatar
    the pearl should not be legal. it is tearing my home apart. i can't see how i survived without it. when i travel on the weekends I am always connected to email and the web.
    07-17-07 03:38 PM