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    Hey guys... I'm sort of torn between sticking with prepaid unlimited features (only twitter/myspace/facebook/bbm, etc), or going to a contract with 500MB data per month. I used Rogers' and Bell's data calculators and they said I'd use anywhere from 150-250MB per month. I was wondering how I would be able to make sure of this though, without signing a contract first.

    I typically have Ubertwitter all day getting tweet updates every 10 minutes... I'm wondering if everyone else has this set that way, or would this eat up all my data almost immediately? I use wifi when I'm at home (about 80% of the time), but I just really want to make sure things like Ubertwitter's tweet updates and BBM's contact status updates, and other updates that my phone is constantly doing won't take up all my data. Is this actually worth pondering or is 500MB more than enough to cover all of this?

    I'll do basically no video streaming.. maybe 10-20 minutes a month at most. Just apps like Ubertwitter or Nimbuzz, BBM, and occassional browsing when I'm not at home... most of it will be on Wifi. Thanks for any advice I get...

    These are the choices I'm trying to pick between by the way (Bell):

    Unlimited Nights and Weekends starting at 6PM
    Unlimited texting
    Unlimited twitter/facebook/BBM/windows live/yahoo
    $60, NO contract


    Unlimited nights and weekends starting at 9PM
    Unlimited texting
    500MB, none of those unlimited features
    $50, WITH a contract

    Oh, also, I'll never be tethering.
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    Without streaming video or music at regular intervals I have trouble imagining using 500meg per month.

    I do most of my work on WiFi but run apps like BerryWeather, Waze, Little Brother, and several others with regular updates. Messaging is pretty small data usage for anyone. My usage has only crossed 100megs one time.

    ATT offers a chance to view data on the web. Also by calling a number the current data is sent by text message. Maybe Bell offers the same. Then you could view your own history and see your past usage.
    07-26-10 03:57 PM
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    I'd say it really depends on how you use the phone, you should be fine with 500MB, if for twitter and such cause they only take kb's away, but back when my computer fried (the chipset melted) I got into the habit of downloading music off the internet while I'm bored and right after I heard a good song, so I use around GB of memory downloading music a month, lucky I caught a bug with Vodafone to get free unlimited internet which I will actually post now, lookout for "free BB internet" in the forums, coming soon to a BB near you! (I'm on a storm one so no wifi....)

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    No streaming
    No Music downloading
    No Tethering

    you'll be hard pressed to break 200MB of data in a month.

    to put it in perspective, my Work BB, which sends/receives 50-100 emails per day, and 10-50 BBM's per day, as well as google searching, and emailing pictures taken from the BB, I have not broken 25MB a month yet.

    my personal BB sits around 400MB per month, I rarely Stream anything, but share a lot of images, and voice notes, as well as Maps.
    07-26-10 05:06 PM
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    The only way I was ever able to go over 500mb was on an iphone. BB"s load data way more efficiently then other phones. 500 will be enough for you. (Unless as other stated you plan on youtubing all day)

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    I agree. The only way you will go that high is if you use YouTube a lot or you use Pandora or Slacker a lot. I use mine for work and personal. On 3G most of the day and on Wifi once I am home. I typically use 150-200 per month. That is mainly emails, BBM, Yahoo Messenger, texts and some web browsing during the day. I can't listen to music while at work otherwise it would be a lot higher.

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    I'm on msn 24/7, facebook and twitter a lot, send a couple of emails with photos attached, watch youtube 20~ minutes a month and I use around 100mb a month.

    Remember that Bell sends you a text when you're at 80% data.
    07-26-10 09:23 PM
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    Thanks guys, I think I should be good with 500MB
    07-26-10 11:03 PM