03-30-08 07:45 PM
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  1. Ottojr's Avatar
    Well here in Bermuda I have influenced approximately 10 friends to come over to Blackberry. The pearl and the curve are equally popular here but the curve is the one that has the most seminars.

    Tell me...Have you influenced any to get a blackberry? If this thread has been previoulsy posted already than my profound apologies.


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    03-15-08 05:19 PM
  2. chaz_cb's Avatar
    I've gotten 1 cousin to switch and a nephew close.
    03-15-08 05:26 PM
  3. visi0n's Avatar
    most importantly, i got my wife into it

    other than that, about 2 of my friends ...and i've also given lessons to all of my coworkers who have them for the job exactly what you can DO with one.
    03-15-08 05:26 PM
  4. aizecarla's Avatar
    nope not yet. probably next christmas since im planning to get my bf a curve
    03-15-08 05:29 PM
  5. VZWBBnewb's Avatar
    The day I bought my BB, my friend needed a new phone as well. I knew I was heading towards the BB anyway, but when she saw me actually purchasing mine (she decided to come with), she decided she needed one too!

    So, I influenced someone before my signature was on the dotted line!
    03-15-08 05:30 PM
  6. King21's Avatar
    I've sold countless BB to people who normally use Windows Mobile or Palm device, but only got 1 friend to swtich over. There will be more though!
    03-15-08 05:33 PM
  7. Adlen's Avatar
    I converted 1 guy, he got it on PayG (I told him not to) so he took it back and didn't get another one.

    I convinced my Brother and his missus to get Pink and Blue Pearls when they have their new place (top financial priority at the moment).

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    03-15-08 06:16 PM
  8. Rogenia's Avatar
    Well my husband influenced me first. He hot a curve and bought me a pearl last valentines day. Lol then guess what? Just last week we were able to convince my dad in law to get him a BB! He likes it a lot...next step is his mom. Lol

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    03-15-08 10:59 PM
  9. JazzeeJEF's Avatar
    I got 2 people to become apart of my addiction =]
    03-15-08 11:09 PM
  10. surfcitybum's Avatar
    I got one of my managers to go with the 8830
    03-15-08 11:10 PM
  11. Duvi's Avatar
    I've gotten a couple to move up to better blackberries. They were in love with the 7290, until I showed them the 8700 series. Now I'm up to the Pearl & Curve and they want to switch.
    03-16-08 01:21 AM
  12. bjp1983's Avatar
    So I've had my BB (curve 8310) for week or so now and I first sold to a dude that I work with who completly had his heart set on an I phone I mean this guy had like 3 different magazines for the iphone he had been the store demoing it for hours and that is the way he was going to go the day after introducing him to my new significant other (my BB) he went out and bought one the next day.

    The next one is my best friend he is buying one next week but I basically did him a favor by turning him on to it he was going to get a new prehistoric pos but I think he is going to go for a perrl instead

    The next two are my partner at work and him and his wife seriously want the curve.

    Then you know everyone that I talk to about my phone I make major sales pitches to just because it is so much fun to tell people how cool my phone is
    03-16-08 01:53 AM
  13. Adlen's Avatar
    I did show a couple all the benefits of a Pearl in a shop (not getting paid), I think I sold it to them. I also helped a woman decide between a Curve and a Pearl.

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    03-16-08 03:49 AM
  14. orle8050's Avatar
    10 is a lot. I have only gotten my brother and a co-worker and they love it. They now can't imagine life without a BB.
    03-16-08 05:11 AM
  15. purpleberry's Avatar
    I quite like being the only one to use a BB. I can say things like, oh your phone doesnt that? what a shame! LOL though it means my messenger is wasted!
    03-16-08 05:44 AM
  16. jeffkoz's Avatar
    I am up to 6 co-workers. The next on my hit list is my wife.
    03-16-08 06:19 AM
  17. Solachica's Avatar
    I havent converted anyone but many people ask abt it.....I think they shy away a bit because of the price and then having to be postpaid AND getting the data plan.
    03-16-08 06:47 AM
  18. SLVR6's Avatar
    Guilty as charged! My brother and a family friend (from another country!), almost have my wife convinced, as soon as the 8120 is out I think she will be sold.

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    03-16-08 06:50 AM
  19. lush242000's Avatar
    My brother converted me to a bb about 3 years ago. i am so thankful.
    03-16-08 07:54 AM
  20. DearFloyd's Avatar
    I brought along about 4 people so far but none will make me happier than my ol man lol. My dad is actually gonna get the Pearl 2 (booo) but hey, at least is a blackberry. He loves my Curve but says its like "that little fat ipod" and plus he doesn't text too heavily.
    03-16-08 08:03 AM
  21. mattburns9999's Avatar
    I have influenced 3 coworkers this MONTH to switch to bb!

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    03-16-08 06:42 PM
  22. kgarciabberry's Avatar
    So far I've gotten two of my co-worker/friends to switch over from standard (sub-standard) cells to the Curve because they saw how much easier my life became after I myself switched over from the Sidekick.
    Another co-worker/friend wants to upgrade to the Curve from her Pearl after seeing how easy typing is on my beauty. My husband will probably upgrade to one as soon as he qualifies. Might have another co-worker switching over soon too. He seems to eye all our BB's when he's at work and likes the idea of email on his phone.
    03-18-08 12:14 AM
  23. shapelessbb's Avatar
    I got 4 people at work on berry's. My wife as well as my two sisters. Now, im also their go to guy whenever there is an issue lol
    03-18-08 12:58 AM
  24. Ottojr's Avatar
    Well My cousin just got a BB yesterday after my careful but strategic guidance and manipulation..LOL

    So..I am up to 11 crossovers to BB now.


    03-27-08 08:33 AM
  25. mzshey2x's Avatar
    I've always had SmartPhone bc of work but my sister and best friends were the ones who converted me. My sister is a mom & a businesswoman & she DEPENDS on her BB.

    I'm SO glad I made the switch!
    03-27-08 09:03 AM
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