11-19-10 02:19 PM
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  1. _StephenBB81's Avatar
    I'm in sales, so I personally know and speak to in person every 2-3 months well over 500 BB users, seeing as within my small company there are 10 of us in Canada alone, and many of my customers have 5-10 staff with BB's

    Now for BBM usage of my actual KNOWN bb contacts that I have spent more than a single day with and would call friends or colleagues I only have 30 people.
    11-12-10 07:22 PM
  2. gdasilva16's Avatar
    when i first started using blackberry back in 2002, i was the only one out of all my personal friends and co-workers. now almost all of my friends use blackberry. i love blackberry so much that i told them how great phone it is. i still do that. feel free to add me on bbm. 322A25B6
    11-13-10 07:54 AM
  3. Pilot Prop's Avatar
    Idk how many people I know that use BBM/have BBs but I have 78 BBM contacts.....
    11-13-10 08:55 PM
  4. parked's Avatar
    It's about 50/50 for me because a lot of my friends have a BB for work and an iPhone or Droid for personal use.
    11-13-10 09:29 PM
  5. Jude526's Avatar
    There are 20 of us in our store. All of us except for maybe 3 have BB. Friend wise, I would say 50/50 Family two of us have BB the other has Droid
    11-13-10 09:49 PM
  6. halsh's Avatar
    i have about 20 BBM friends.
    11-14-10 01:29 AM
  7. Berrywannabe's Avatar
    This summer/fall in Toronto, I worked on a mayoral campaign and a council campaign. Every single person - from teenaged volunteers on up - I saw use a phone, used a Blackberry.

    I'm holding off, hoping my carrier, Wind Mobile, or a trusted shop, picks-up the 9780.
    11-14-10 06:40 PM
  8. corymcnutt's Avatar
    I only personally know 4 or 5 people with BBs, but what amazes me is the number of people in their 20's - 30's I see on the bus or on the elevator with their BBs, mostly Curves and Bolds.
    11-14-10 07:27 PM
  9. Princesa's Avatar
    I know a few that do but I swear it seems anybody else I know either has a iphone or android phone.
    11-15-10 09:44 PM
  10. stilett0s's Avatar
    Five to ten people that I interact with constantly, but quite a few of my acquaintances have them as well. Some have jumped ship for the Android, while others ran for the (gag me) iPhone.
    11-15-10 10:18 PM
  11. tinny24's Avatar
    85 % of friends and family have blackberries suppose that helps with working for a major uk carrier for 6 years and giving them all friends and family discount

    37 bbm contacts 31 are friends and family the others from here
    11-17-10 07:03 AM
  12. hertz_huang's Avatar
    i know about 10 BBM friends.
    11-18-10 08:05 PM
  13. paddygirl16's Avatar
    Out of the 48 BBM contacts I have, I have 17 that are either personal friends, or co-workers. I have yet to convince anyone in my family, besides my daughter (who sports a Torch like myself), to get into the BB addiction. I am hopeful for them though.
    11-18-10 08:25 PM
  14. jayce_tan's Avatar
    i have about 20 BBM, 10 are my best friends...
    11-19-10 09:10 AM
  15. thinkamp's Avatar
    Well when I had a bb I only have a couple friends that had a BB, but now that I have switched to the droid x I know a lot more people that have a BB. Thats the way it goes.
    11-19-10 09:13 AM
  16. www.fixyourberry.com's Avatar
    Proud to say all my freinds are BB users! I had one iphone user freind who currently made the switch to BB after getting fed up with At&T service.
    11-19-10 10:48 AM
  17. TheEdge's Avatar
    2007 - Approx 80+
    2008 - Approx 90+
    2009 - Approx 85+
    2010 - Approx 45+

    I'm in Asia BTW.
    11-19-10 02:19 PM
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