02-08-10 01:58 AM
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  1. synergi's Avatar
    I'm bad at direction I find it hard to use- I luv Sprint Nav but since I switched to VZW you have to pay and I'm currently using poynt (can't figure the gps out but I did love the voice on Sprint nav... so I don't use anything right now.
    02-06-10 05:35 AM
  2. Nute426's Avatar
    I use it a ton to find directions to places I'm not totally familiar with. I got my first BB, an 8820 right before I got married. I don't think I even knew it had gps, but what a life saver it turned out to be when we were on our honeymoon in tennessee. With out that I might have never gotten home!
    02-06-10 12:35 PM
  3. amazinglygraceless's Avatar
    All the time. My personal vehicle has built in GPS but the Dodge Charger provided
    by the town I work for does not.
    02-06-10 12:37 PM
  4. catusjack's Avatar
    Use it often - average once a week.
    02-06-10 12:43 PM
  5. Jude526's Avatar
    I won't read maps or directions when driving. I have the VZ Navigator and love it. I don't use it a lot but when I do, am glad I have it. It is a great tool and does more than just be GPS
    02-06-10 10:21 PM
  6. darkmanx2g's Avatar
    All the time. I use google maps and has been invaluable.

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    02-06-10 11:09 PM
  7. ebedoun's Avatar
    All the time with google maps, poynt, and geotagging photos. The 9000 was my first phone with GPS, 9700 is my second.
    02-06-10 11:25 PM
  8. cherryjuice's Avatar
    ARE YOU NUCKING FUTZ!!!!???? i only use gps when im tracking someone else or tring to go somewhere~ the fuzz is more than welcome to catch me by THEMSELVES!!
    02-06-10 11:34 PM
  9. Msblackberri's Avatar
    If its not TURN BY TURN VOICE navigation its nothing special...

    I use google maps, Its better than mapquest BUT I USE IT ONLY when Im on the greyhound and want to know how far I am from my destination, it tells me directions and also how many minutes.hours etc I am away.. I have a garmin nuvi that I use in my car very rarely and its better than my phone nagivation cus it re-directs me very quickly and speaks......I would prefer to use it then my phone because what if I need my phone while im driving?
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    02-06-10 11:59 PM
  10. thymaster's Avatar
    I do use it occasionally. Don't use it for driving but for walking distances when traveling to different cities.
    02-07-10 12:05 AM
  11. Speedv1's Avatar
    I use it when canoeing.. but with gps nav in my car I have no need for it there. I use gps for poynt ALL the time though.
    02-07-10 12:37 AM
  12. D4nnyV's Avatar
    I use google maps all the time, it's very convenient for finding new places. On the other hand Blackberry Maps was slow and I didn't have the best experience with it.
    02-07-10 01:22 AM
  13. TearBear's Avatar
    I use mine all the time. I have no need to purchase a GPS system for my car since my BB is always with me. I have also found that the standard BB Map program that comes with the phone is way more accurate than GMaps.
    02-07-10 04:17 AM
  14. Osh's Avatar
    I use my BlackBerry GPS a couple of times a week; I've got TelMap on my BlackBerry 9700 and use it regularly to get to visit new clients.

    Love my BlackBerry - great phone, great email, great satNav (who needs TomTom) I use the camera quite regularly (far more regularly than my digial camera)...and with some bespoke apps written by our techies, I can run a lot of my business from my device....


    02-07-10 04:50 AM
  15. Phantomlynx's Avatar
    I use it a lot... I find it very useful to have it my pocket

    Vodafone give you a turn by turn program which is useful if I'm not in my car, and I use them if I'm in a strange town too
    02-07-10 05:27 AM
  16. crackbobb's Avatar
    I can't survive without GPS while traveling. Must-have apps for me:

    - Google Maps for driving directions is irreplaceable, I actually prefer it over any of the turn-by-turn apps I've tried (well - most of those didn't work anyway)

    - Poynt for finding places and people nearby

    - Yelp for reviews and recommendations of places nearby.

    So, yes, I use GPS rather frequently.
    02-07-10 10:20 AM
  17. heckufaguy's Avatar
    I use it for my smart weather (which tells me the weather for where I'm at) of a few different flavors. I also use POYNT quite a bit.
    And, I use BBMAPS to see where my cell tower is at the time. (If I just open BBMaps it's first locate is my cell tower..kinda neat)
    02-07-10 10:24 AM
  18. rizzzzoooo's Avatar
    A whole lot, because I not only use it for navi, but also with location based apps like point and where...they too use GPS to function.
    02-07-10 10:26 AM
  19. Matt9700's Avatar
    i use it all the time. i have att navigator (if you cancel it all you lose is the voice directions. it still gives you maps and guided routs) and google maps (which i use waaay more than att nav). another thing that i like the gps for is smrtguard.
    02-07-10 10:28 AM
  20. mookish's Avatar
    The gps is not meant to be used everyday....unless you need it everday lol. The point is, it's there when you need it. If even only once you'll be glad you had it. I have the garmin mobile app and when I'm not im my car using my standalone gps and someone else needs directions or I'm in a taxi, it's a lifesaver. Or when I'm traveling and need to use poynt to find places or whatever...

    It's like the flashlight in your trunk that only matters when it's dark and you need light.
    02-07-10 12:27 PM
  21. flop's Avatar
    I use it all the time, particularly with Google Maps.

    If I type in the name of a store (such as a national chain), Google Maps finds the nearest one to my current location, sticks a pin on the map with my blue flashing blip nearby. GPS saves me a lot of time and takes the risk out of travel

    Every BlackBerry that I select has GPS. WiFi is useless, especially now that 3G signal boosters are available for any home broadband connection. I suggest that WiFi will be obsolete before GPS is, and I feel this is relevant because many BB series' offer a choice of GPS or WiFi

    What bothers me is that Google Maps stops using GPS when you minimise it (it seems to stop triangulating altogether and make a random guess). Consequently, Google's recently added Latitude feature is a bit dozy. For example, if a friend is lost and texts you from their BlackBerry, you can be certain that Google Maps on your phone is reporting their location incorrectly.
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    02-07-10 09:11 PM
  22. flop's Avatar
    I would prefer to use it [garvin] then my phone because what if I need my phone while im driving?
    That's another thing. Why does BB require us to minimise everything else to make/receive a phone call? In other words, it can require us to use our hands when we want hands-free options. That's dosy design feature.
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    02-07-10 09:28 PM
  23. t.wils18's Avatar
    I rarely use my qps; only when its a must for mi. Which would probably b only when am traveling.

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    02-08-10 01:44 AM
  24. Milamber's Avatar
    Never... But i have a GPS in my car so thats probably why.
    02-08-10 01:53 AM
  25. Cyber Warrior's Avatar
    I use my cars GPS but if on foot I'll use my phone if I need walking directions. Works good with Poynt or Where apps..

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    02-08-10 01:58 AM
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