1. edcaimos's Avatar
    I was given a BB 8520 originally sold by MOVISTAR in Colombia South America. I had the phone unlock and it works with my Tmobile Sim card, however although the phone is WIFI capable, I can not get to connect via WIFI like I am able to do with my originally purchased at Tmobile BB 9700.

    Is there a setting or downloadable software that I need to install?
    Your replies will be greatly appreciated.
    09-05-10 08:27 PM
  2. dictoresno's Avatar
    it should work without any modifications with the OS. it should even work without a SIM card. do you have a blackberry data plan?
    09-06-10 04:11 AM
  3. edcaimos's Avatar
    No data plan. But with my BB 9700 purchased at TMOBILE (no data plan) I automatically connect to my router via WIFI and make phone calls without getting minutes deducted from my 2500 anytime minutes. I have Hotspot@home. When overseas I also connect to a router and make and receive phone calls to and from US on the same terms. That is why this feature is so important.
    Someone mentioned that because only Tmobile phones have UMA, other carries' phones are not equipped to allow connection on their phones.
    09-06-10 08:08 AM