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    Just got my first blackberry today - it's great! Biggest problem I've had is the lack of a repeat option for the alarm. Here is a good workaround that allows a long alarm without the need of purchasing software:

    1. Get a long sound file (3-4 minutes) with loud annoying noise.
    2. Put the file on the blackberry.
    3. Use that tone as the alarm tone.

    With a 3-4 minute sound file and 3 repetitions, thats plenty of time to wake up. I am uploading my alarm file to the ringtone section of the site. It is a piercing alarm that runs about 3 minutes. The filename is alarmclock.mp3

    Aloha from Hawaii
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    Thanks for the information and welcome to the site!
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    Good info to have and yes, welcome to CB.
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