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    Just curious of how long it would take to develop a new all touch updated phone to replace the current Z models. I know very little about the subject but would guess they could hammer something out fairly quickly seeing that it's mostly internal electronic updates as opposed to a physical keyboard model which has more mechanical parts. So if they started today could it be out to the public in six months time?

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    11-07-14 07:31 PM
  2. thurask's Avatar
    They've been developing a high end 5" 1080x1920 full touch phone for about as long as they've been developing the Passport. But it's not in the cards to release it anytime soon, and the OS requires extra work to get the right-sized assets available and supported.

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    11-07-14 07:33 PM
  3. last_attempt's Avatar
    I see so the software takes time to develop as well. I imagine for an all touch phone your mostly just getting off the shelf parts from various vendors?

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    11-07-14 07:38 PM
  4. anon1727506's Avatar
    You only build a product if you have an expectation that you can sell it. Consumer market is pretty much done with BlackBerry, Chen needs to see if BES12 can do more than convert existing customers. If there is a market for a entry level and a premium all touch, then they will green light it. Chen is waiting to see what happens....
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    11-07-14 08:08 PM
  5. Fistmaster's Avatar
    2nd quarter 2015. Never forget that BB10 OS is made for full touch. It won't be named under Z series.

    Also the Passport Mini will come out in 3rd quarter. After awesome and unexpected sales of the Passport.

    And 4 other great devices for 2015 are in the pipeline!

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    11-08-14 03:12 AM
  6. vexon131's Avatar
    I'm with scalemaster on why BlackBerry would put out more touch devices - the demand must exist. Which maybe it will. But we will have to wait and see numbers from Chen going forward

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    11-08-14 03:26 AM
  7. last_attempt's Avatar
    So assuming best case scenario and there's huge demand for a Z10 / Z30 update that started today. How long before they got a physical update out?

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    11-08-14 09:34 AM
  8. antoscimento's Avatar
    I have actually got my new Z30 on a bargain lately and let me tell you (as most Z30 users would agree) it is a very impressive phone. Very

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    11-08-14 10:22 AM
  9. last_attempt's Avatar
    I'm not knocking the current hardware this is strictly a hypothetical question. Much more logistics as opposed to actual sales or marketing.

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    11-08-14 02:05 PM

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