04-07-08 01:51 PM
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  1. VinnyBB's Avatar
    from what I found my battery will pretty much squeak 16hrs with nominal usage (some texts, little music, normal phone calls etc...) If I use the browser or have a few long calls then I am really cutting it close to making it the whole day. I ordered one of the OEM size extended life batts and hear it is 30%+ longer lasting...
    03-30-08 11:20 PM
  2. wirelessforever's Avatar
    I don't even get one full day out of mine how about you ???? I'm asking this question as i'm very disappointed in the life of my battery so I just wanted to see how long other people get out of their battery..]
    Interesting that most people participating in this thread seem to have similar results.

    I've never run out of power at any point before the end of the day. But I have a charger in my desk at the office as well as home and while I rarely use my office charger, I wouldn't let my Curve get below 50% during the day without plugging it into that charger.

    I've regularly used up over 4 hours of talk time and done email and SMS all day without needing to charge up. If I do much with the browser, I do find that uses an unusual amount of battery power.

    It is always my habit of plugging my Curve in as soon as I get home from work and letting it charge up and turning it off when fully charged before going to bed at night.

    I can't imagine going to work in the morning without a fully charged Curve.
    03-31-08 01:26 AM
  3. TheAznBradPitt's Avatar
    1full day with full charge
    03-31-08 01:29 AM
  4. cutiepie209's Avatar
    I have to char my phone every day. By the end of the day my phone is dead.
    03-31-08 02:11 AM
  5. cutiepie209's Avatar
    have to char my phone every day. By the end of the day my phone is dead.
    03-31-08 02:14 AM
  6. s_filipina's Avatar
    Mine usually lasts a day and a half with heavy use.

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    03-31-08 03:19 AM
  7. jose_416's Avatar
    my batt last 2 days and i am texing and using BB msn.. web surfing,talking, and some mp3's...

    and i have 20 themes ....
    04-06-08 10:36 PM
  8. Sandipan's Avatar
    1 day with heavy use.. since am a bit heavy on calls..Have to charge it every night
    04-07-08 02:28 AM
  9. Landy's Avatar
    2 days only
    04-07-08 07:41 AM
  10. JazzeeJEF's Avatar
    about a day. i charge every night
    04-07-08 08:49 AM
  11. HockeyFan3000's Avatar
    Mine usually last two days if I just send and receive SMS texts, emails, and make a couple of calls. I charge it every night when I go to sleep and at the end of the day it would end up with two bars left.
    04-07-08 09:40 AM
  12. Adlen's Avatar
    1 to 3 days.
    04-07-08 11:17 AM
  13. Maximosis's Avatar
    I got a pretty good baterry life on mines I charge it at 10 pm off the charger by midnight works as my alarm at 6am and it works for web browsing 2 episodes in the morning of californiacation or south park in the day and 2 more at night also mp3 during walks.

    Tip: if your baterry is dying a lot let it dye out all the way so that the unit is off then plug it in to the charger without touching it for 12 hours I recommend you do this late night after drinking (this will help keep you crackberry heads from touching it as you are going through withdrawals).

    When you take it out the charger and good siZzle time ur baterry will work smooth for 8 to 14 hours. If it does not consider buying a new one if you had it for over 10 months.

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    04-07-08 11:22 AM
  14. michael95gt's Avatar
    A couple days usually; it just depends how much I'm messing around with it.

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    04-07-08 01:51 PM
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