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    Just curious as I was debating on the 8830 vs 8703e but pretty much decided on 8703e and buying it tonight. Just curious though because I'm using a device simulator with OS 4.1 and no applications load like facebook or windows live messenger they all say not supported. How long do new OS usually come out for? I know the 8703e is older but just hate to get it on a 3 year plan and in a year have 4.3 come out or osmething and that be the final version then not be able to run any new programs..
    03-11-08 07:26 AM
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    They normally roll out over a period of time, similar updates from different carriers may be released a couple months aprt from each other.

    For the 8703, there is a recent update from Sprint.

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    Great thanks!

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    03-11-08 08:32 AM