1. saubhagyarathi's Avatar
    Okay, I figured something totally whacked today.
    Problem: Can't access App World and other network-enabled apps through wifi. I can brwose normally, though.

    Weird solution: Turn off Mobile network.
    Open app world, then browser. Open the blackberry beta zone page (I'm not sure if this is the only page but this one works for me)

    access App world without closing the browser and it should work for about 20 seconds.
    Refesh the page. Repeat till all your apps are downloaded.
    Tedious, but got my job done! I didn't want to pay extra for AT&T's data charges, I just have 200 MB free, and they used to charge me whenever I would download apps, even connected to wifi.

    Note: This is only for people who have BIS/BES internet activated, not just email/BBM. Also, you'll notice that whenever you reload the page on the browser, the little BB icon on the homescreen appears next to the Wifi, indiciating that you're connected to BB's servers.
    A weird find, yes. Might be useful to guys like me, so I thought I'd post it.
    03-08-12 08:30 PM