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    Hello Everyone. It seems that there are many tidbits of info on this topic. I have put together a very simple guide to help people get started. This guide is officially for the 8320, but it seems that the method works for all bbs.

    1) Install and run orb on your "server" computer - This should not need to be explained. For help on this, visit orb's site (orb.com) or (forums.orb.com) - sorry I'm a "newbie" so cant post links.

    2) Install OS 4.5 - This should not need to be explained. (many discussions about this on this forum)

    3) Use your brand spankin new bb browser (not opera or anything like that) and go to mycast.orb.com and log in

    4) Scroll down to the bottom of the home page (while logged in) and select settings >> stream. Now select a 3gp video format. I think that they all work, but 3gp-AAC/RTSP is confirmed working on the 8320

    5) Now navigate to a media file and play. That should be it.

    *** Streams will sometimes fail. You may have to click on a video a few times before you can get it to play. Keep with it and it should work.

    *** Playing audio requires that you are NOT IN full screen mode. If you are in full screen, you will get an error. You must play a video and switch out of full screen mode, then go back to audio and try again. You can not switch out of full screen while attempting to stream audio.

    I hope this helps. Please confirm that this guide works for non 8320 phones.
    04-14-08 08:55 AM