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    The situation:

    My company has provided me with a BB-enabled GSM SIM from a country that I visit very rarely (A1 in Austria). I refused the Austian blackberry (German keyboard - drives me nuts) and purchased a 8310 off ebay during my last trip to the US (Originally AT&T, but it is unlocked, I checked through instructions on blackberryfaq.com).

    I figured it would be really easy to get this up and running, but I simply cannot register the blackberry (it always shows gprs/edge, never GPRS/EDGE). I've tried it via the host routing table, via constant resets, in various countries and with various carriers (I am a travelling salesman!)

    Just trying Enterprise Activation gives me the error "A service connection is unavailable".

    We've gone back to the service provider who tells me all is OK, sent me a replacement SIM.

    I conclude that it is impossible to do the first registration if you are outside the home area, but can't find that documented anywhere (nor is the carrier's service desk able to tell me).

    My questions are:

    1. Is it possible to do my first registration even though I am always roaming?
    2. Short of putting myself or my BB on a flight to Austria (or getting a contract from my local telco), is there any other way of getting the device registered and activated?

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