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    This is just a preference on the keyboard that you are wanting to use.This will also keep your version V.7.0.109 but
    This will bring your platform down to instead of .136. I've been using this for about a week now with no problems. Like always though back up all your stuff.


    I found a way to get a larger virtual keyboard on OS .109
    To start off you'll need the cmda file from .103 install. You will need the .103 install files before you start this process.
    Here are the steps to get the larger virtual keyboard:

    1. My computer-->Local Disk(C-->Program Files-->Common Files-->Research In Motion-->Shared-->Loader files

    If you have the OS leak .103 installed you will see a folder named:


    2. Open this folder double click the CDMA folder-->copy the rim 0x04001404.sfi file.

    3. Go back two directories-->Open the 9530 v4.7.0.109 folder-->Open CDMA folder-->and paste the CDMA file you copied from .103. Click on yes to replace all. Now go back to:

    3. C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion \AppLoader and run the Loader.exe
    Let it do it's thing. Than you will get the larger virtual keyboard on OS.109.
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