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    Today I find this guide and worked for me. I can send/recive Hotmail mails...

    Update: This little tricks seems to only work for incoming mail but outgoing messages dont send.

    So if your a new BlackBerry owner and eager to put your Hotmail account on your new berry you may notice its not easy. A member over at HowardForums has found a way to enable Hotmail for free! Usually Microsoft makes you pay for IMAP/POP access. Give this a try:

    1. Download the Windows Live software at windowslive.com
    2. Login to the software to access your inbox
    3. Press Tools
    4. Click Options
    5. Select the Advanced tab
    6. Look for Maintenance
    7. Under Troubleshooting click POP, IMAP and HTTP
    8. Press close
    9. Then go login to BlackBerry Internet Service and add your hotmail account

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