1. jrmama42's Avatar
    I recently installed the Facebook update (v 2.0, I think) on my BB Pearl 9100 and the new version no longer allows me to filter posts by selecting "view status updates" for instance. I'm stuck scrolling through all the FarmVille and similar posts. Any suggestions on getting around this?
    Thanks for any advice you can offer! I've stopped using it for now, as it's just not worth the inconvenience.
    12-04-11 05:29 PM
  2. jrmama42's Avatar
    My hero!!! I've re-enabled FB and I'm back in business. Thanks for the tip!
    12-04-11 06:47 PM
  3. tmelon's Avatar
    I was going to suggest that you force your friends to stop playing Farmville, but I suppose that works too.
    12-04-11 08:25 PM