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    How does Verizon update their maps/streets as new roads are built. Do I need to download something new periodically (like garmin's GPS) or are they just 'there'?

    Also, can anyone tell me there experience with VZ nav with- respect to new streets in there town?
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    09-23-08 12:50 AM
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    They probably rely on a 3rd party mapping company. But you do not need to do anything since the maps are sent out as data as you need them. So if maps change and verizon's provider gives them new maps, you'll get them.

    But do NOT expect new mapping data for new subdivisions for months if that - it takes a long time in some cases for new data to filter down to gps programs whether garmin, tomtom or verizon's source.
    09-23-08 09:55 AM
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    There is a new industrial park in town here, and the roads in it are not on my vz nav, even though the roads have been there for over a year.

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    09-27-08 12:00 PM