11-10-10 04:04 PM
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  1. captainhuge's Avatar
    I use it for pretty much everything. Email, SMS, bbm, and lots of internet browsing.

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    08-29-09 10:10 PM
  2. 7zero#CB's Avatar
    I do whatever my BlackBerry allows me to do...
    08-29-09 10:17 PM
  3. CatAlex's Avatar
    Toggling life & business virtually 24/7!

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    08-29-09 10:20 PM
  4. mensahdemary's Avatar
    I use it to communicate with the dead.
    i wonder if i hold the side keys down at the same time...lol...

    email, text, BBM, calendar, phone, tasks, social networking (without my BB, I'd never log into Facebook or Twitter, let alone use them).

    I just started using it for music too. Dumped a bunch of albums onto my SD card...though not as good as my iPod Touch, its more convenient to use the BB at my desk.
    08-29-09 10:28 PM
  5. lordcliff's Avatar
    My wife hates it. I'm cruising crackberry at dinner. I track my food and exercise with total fitness. Talk to family on bbm, checkthe radar, look up meds at work with epocrates. Facebook (thru web browser, I can't stand the app). Cruise crackberry some more. Upgrade my OS. Drive my wife a little crazier. Obsess over how much free memory, which made me delete social scope lite, never closes and sucks my memory down)

    Blackberries are just awesome. Can't wait until I qualify for an upgrade from my 8320. Don't know what I would do with all that extra memory

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    08-29-09 11:23 PM
  6. Coruptyed's Avatar
    I use mine for everything.. Constantly on the internet looking at eBay youtube sports updates weather and getting emails don't know how I survived with out my BB before

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    08-29-09 11:33 PM
  7. MizzDimpl3z's Avatar
    BBM... phone calls... txt... Facebook... email... calendar... Music ... I love my BB!
    08-30-09 05:56 AM
  8. surfbug's Avatar
    I use the notepad. And surf the web. Calendar. I use the calculator a lot. Sms and email--( I am a real estate agent in NYC ). Lots of texting!

    Play music, take pictures, watch videos that I have taken with the BB.

    I really should get some other apps on here----

    I am kinda a "straight vanilla" user---- haha
    08-30-09 07:54 AM
  9. Tripster's Avatar
    I use my BB to increase my intelligence!

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    08-30-09 08:00 AM
  10. ShawnNJ's Avatar
    phone, email, sms, aim, calender, alarm clock, internet, games. Pretty much everything I can.
    08-30-09 09:49 AM
  11. toomuchgame441's Avatar
    Ooooh and now there's an app where I can check my minutes and data useage! Hated always having to get on a computer and looking it up, love my Curve!

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    08-30-09 10:17 AM
  12. kkwan77's Avatar
    1) Email
    2) SMS
    3) Internet browsing
    4) Phone

    * In any order
    08-30-09 10:24 AM
  13. godofdeath's Avatar
    free text from google voice
    writing hw or wat not on docs to go
    08-30-09 10:28 AM
  14. txaggie84's Avatar
    hardly ever use the phone
    08-30-09 10:31 AM
  15. alexs0fly's Avatar
    music / aux in car
    I think that wraps it up. I'm looking to get documents to go in the near future.
    08-30-09 10:41 AM
  16. curvedthumb's Avatar
    i use it to find and store recipes for dishes i want to make, keep track of my Fantasy Football, buy and sell on Ebay, do research for my work, receive and resend pdf files for my Law Firm cases plus amost everything above, however don't have time to IM or BBM all day...big text user...plus send photos of my daughters to my family everywhere......use it as an alarm clock, to keep all financial and personal info, to get back on track when lost, to listen to music, to tune in music from around the world, to take photos of products that don't scan the same at supermarkets, to find where i parked the car when I forget, to remind me of my eye glass prescription, to find ghosts around me, to tell me how much junk I am eating and I could go on and on...when I lose my Blackberry, my life stops until i find it.........
    11-10-10 04:04 PM
41 12