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    I have been looking around the internet for sometime for information on how BB OS Works, yet i am struggling to find any information that shows how BB OS is designed and built, in particular how the Operating system is built up i.e I/O Management, Memory Management,storage management/file system,applications,device drivers and so on. Is their a reason i cannot find such information or do i just suck at using search engines?

    I can find little bits of information on specific areas through the forums but i was looking for a broader picture of the whole operating system.

    i assume the lack of information has something to do with the fact that the operating system is not open source

    thanks for any help

    03-19-12 09:06 AM
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    BlackBerry OS - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Start there, then search BlackBerry Knowledge Base. You will also need to narrow your search down and actually choose a specific OS to bone up on. It would also help if you searched for information based on actual OS (OS 5 or OS 6, etc...) and not just BlackBerry OS.

    You should also check out some of the development knowledge articles, and again, you can search for that on Google.
    03-19-12 09:10 AM
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    I'm sure you found the wiki when you searched. Other than that kind of stuff your not going to find much. Rim isn't forth coming on their OS. Security reasons.
    If I misunderstood what you was asking. If ya wanting to know how to work the OS then base your search on the function you want to perform. Let's just say the today screen. Search the today screen and go from there. Tberes several online manuals for blackberry models that has loads of how to info.
    Your not going to get a map of the blackberry os.
    03-19-12 10:00 AM
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    Why would bes/bis have direct access to the radio stack? Can policy not be made snd inforced otherwise.
    I always thought of bes/bis as an admin user without root. I find your thought interesting. I hope you explain it alittle more.
    03-19-12 11:04 AM
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    I have gleaned small tidbits of information from here and there. Couple that with my extensive IT experience and I come up with this: THIS IS ALL A GUESS ON MY PART. Take it for what it is worth.

    OS and App modules are compiled and signed Java libraries

    Java Virtual Machine - Hardware Abstraction Layer
    Phone call and TXT hardware interface (carrier access components)
    Radio Stack
    Kernel based drivers
    Memory manager
    Storage manager
    Task scheduler
    Task manager.....

    Cheers for the replys really helpfull thanks, I have been having a route around and finding some good stuff. Shame RIM doesnt make information easy to get hold of but i guess they're all about the security.
    03-19-12 03:36 PM
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    This makes sense. I guess I was thinking that you where saying the stack Is with the kernal. I would think if that was the case that a memory map would be very easy to expoit.
    Have you played around in the escreens? I do. These are demeed taboo. I've yet to make a change that has made a result. Once rebooted everything goes back. Well jyou can clear the log and it stay cleared. I think the escreens only shows how its setup. You might have to ave higher user to change anything.
    Now that I think about it I reckon I though of bes as a registery I don't know so much as the hive like windows but still. Changing a char or deleting a key changes a policy.
    03-19-12 05:02 PM
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    Its interesting in the escreens of the 9860.
    03-19-12 05:44 PM