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    Ok so I wanted to know as the title says, how do you have your berry set up? The reason that I pose the question is that I have experienced when someone wants to see my berry to get a taste of what a berry does or they are just being curious they tend to go into app that they shouldn't. even through I should have my most private things hidden, sometime I forget and they always find them. But thanks to all the great app and theme builders there are countless ways to hide things where you never have that to worry about it.

    With the likes of theme builders like Foppa (who makes great simply themes) and apps like Quick Launch I have found my way of hiding everything so that only I know where everything is and can still be able to get to everything without have to even go to my menu screen. Really what other device allows for this type of customization and still be completely functional.

    So with all that said I will share how I have my berry set up, and hope that many of my fellow addicts will share also. And maybe we can take a page from a few to better set up or Optimize our berry's to a state where we don't have to ever worry about peeping eyes.

    I use the foppa5 as my theme (there is no icons on the home screen). Foppa5 allows for the messages, options, sms, calendar, networks connection, and quick launch all from the home screen. I have hidden all of my icons in the menu screen except the settings folder because it can not be hidden. I use Quick Launch to launch all of apps that I use the most and those that I'd don't also. I also don't allow the dial from the home screen. I have shortcuts in Quick Launch so that I do not need to search for an app. So I don't know if anyone has gone to these kinds of links to have everything hidden but it works for me and I have no doubt that no one will want to use mu phone. So let's here how you have set you device set up to best fit your needs.

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    01-18-10 08:49 AM
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    I also use themes that show no Icons on my front screen but they all have quicklaunch or a hidden dock. I use quicklaunch for almost everything since I also like to hide my icons.
    01-18-10 09:06 AM
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    Well I'm old fashioned and I'm still using the factory set-up. Although no one touches my device but me and me, I wishe I did have a sweet app like foppa 5. So I'm sure with-in the next hour ill have another entry with how my berry is set-up

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    01-18-10 09:16 AM
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    I also use the stock BB theme because I love the Precision icons. I created a folder that I named "Un-Used Applications" where I throw all the junk that I don't use, like all the pushed content crap, and the native apps that I don't use and can't remove. Moved the Docs to Go programs into their own folder, took the native BB apps out of the application folder and placed them in the main application screen. Moved all downloaded apps to the Applications folder from the Downloads folder (cuz now that they're downloaded, they're applications). Home Screen setup from left to right:

    Dial from homescreen on, I use speed dial alot, and don't use any of the keyboard shortcuts from the home screen. Also a big negative on the QuickLaunch, never have used it, but I hear alot of people like it, just not for me.

    SMS and MMS
    BlackBerry Messanger

    I know that I can access BBM and the Browser using the application switcher, but I much perfer to have them right in front at the home screen, as I use them quite often.
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    01-18-10 09:23 AM
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    Reverie D theme (blank and the only 3rd party theme I have / need)
    eMobile Professional Today (Homescreen overlay and PIM)
    First 3 rows are my most used apps (alphabetical order)
    Remaining icons are system first followed by 3rd party (all alphabetical)
    Dial from homescreen OFF (I like the k/board shorts)
    Nothing hidden except the AT&T garbage and setup icons.
    I don't use QuickLaunch, ShortCutMe, LaunchPads, etc...
    01-18-10 09:25 AM
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    -Reverie D theme
    -Hid all the pushed verizon crap
    -Dial from homescreen is off
    -Only 3 rows of icons(like to keep it simple)
    01-18-10 01:19 PM
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    I use the BB Dimension Zen theme , and just change wallpaper now , keep most used icons on top row, all seldom and non use icons go into a folder just titled "stuff" which I then hide the "stuff folder ".So all total I have 12 icons at the max.showing(when I click on the applications icon) ,but normally 5 icons are all thats showing most of the time tho
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    Currently the holiday theme 2 posted on the blog front page a few days ago is on my phone. Three hidden docks with little to be seen to the casual observer. I am careful about who holds my phone and do not go around showing it off. Too many cooks spoil the soup like too many hands spoil the BB.
    01-18-10 02:09 PM