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    I found a BB curve on another forum that I wanted to purchase. Now the person doesnt have any sort of credit (first phone sale), but they say that everything is in very good condition. They want to do it via paypal. How does that all work? How do I protect myself say if I send the money and they never send the product, or if the product isn't what they say it is.

    Or is this a risk I just have to be willing to take?

    Thanks!! Any feedback on it or your past experiences will REALLY help.
    05-11-08 03:27 PM
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    Buying a BlackBerry off eBay - BlackBerryFAQ

    Caveat emptor. Do your research. "doveryai, no proveryai". (Trust, but Verify)

    PayPay is convenient to use. They manage the Credit Card part of the transaction and paying out to the seller. It is owned and run by eBay, they process plenty of transactions every day.

    If you want a PayPal Warranty, have buddy list it on eBay with an agreed on buy it now price. As long as you get there first, it is yours with eBays fraud protection guarantees. He will pay a premium to eBay, that will factor into the price.
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    05-11-08 03:47 PM
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    EBAY is the best place. I just bought a brand new curve off ebay. That's what I would suggest. Heck, as far as that goes I have got both my BB's and my wife's off ebay.
    05-11-08 07:31 PM
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    I'd say stick to ebay

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    05-11-08 07:34 PM