1. Sotteson1's Avatar
    I just bought the curve 8830 and i want to use the music player but have no idea how to get songs onto my phone.. can someone please help?
    06-07-08 02:24 PM
  2. avt123's Avatar
    You have to connect your phone to your computer, make sure you enable "Mass storage" when it pops up. Select the blackberry device that should pop up in "My Computer" or if you have a Mac on your desktop. Go to the "Music" folder in the "Blackberry" device in "My Computer". Drag a song from iTunes, or whatever you use into the music folder. Take the usb out from your Blackberry. Then on your Blackberry go to media- music and you should have your songs in there.
    06-07-08 02:30 PM
  3. Adam Zeis's Avatar
    Make sure you have a memory card installed too or you won't have any room for much music. Use MP3s too .. not sure any other formats work.
    06-07-08 02:31 PM