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    Have a BB 8820, running software, DM version
    I have set the BB to sync with the applications (outlook) and in directional mode I want. Problem is I want the BB to continuously sync when it's connected to the PC and changes are made to calendar or address book, not just when I connect or tell it to. Because I us exchange server at work, and connect to my home PC to keep contacts and calendars aligned, I cant set those two to wireless sync. Is there a way to direct it to sync calendar and contacts when changes are made. Didn't find it in DM or on the device. Irritating to grab my BB at the end of the day or when I leave the office and have to sync it before leaving.
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    Just set it up to sync over the air with something like Google and have your work PC sync with the Internet based service.
    06-02-10 11:28 AM