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    Hi, I have a Curve 8300. I want to be able to have SMS messages from certain individuals not appear in my normal Inbox. I don't want these messages being visible to others using my BlackBerry.

    Can this be done either as standard or with software? I've searched high and low and the answer so far is no. There are equivelant products for PocketPC but nothing I can see for Blackberry.

    Many thanks.
    I make no judgements about your desire for privacy, as I have a sister who now and then sends me outrageous email, mms and sms messages just to shock me . That said, if you really have a concern in this area, you should take the BB off your list as a repository for anything sensitive. The odds are there is no one out there loitering around waiting to snatch your BB and read your sms messages, but from a security perspective the BB is a sieve, with all due respect to this little device which I really enjoy using.

    This link points out some weaknesses in the BB from a security perspective. Some of these may be more robust since the article was written, I make no defense of the article other than it was commissioned by Symantec.


    There are a couple of rules you should follow when dealing with business or non-business communication that you think is sensitive, for any reason...

    1) don't send anything electronically when you can call instead, preferably from a discardable phone account or someone else's phone . For personal situations, if you are single this may not apply if no one else will want to see detailed billing of your calls/texts.

    2) don't call when you can talk in person instead (pbx or Avaya-based phone systems easily record all incoming/outgoing calls at the whim of the mgmt),

    3) NEVER use IM apps (you don't even want to know how often IT back-room guys read logs of IM apps they capture as it goes through the firewall/network.

    4) Are you on a BES setup? Nothing that comes to you through a BES server is considered private, and can be captured at the whim of mgmt.

    Now, having learned the hard way that even innocent emails can be taken wrong, I am an advocate of not saving any type of communication unless it is business-related. If you want somewhat safe communications, build yourself a little php-based bulletin board with stringent security and chat away with people.

    Now after saying all that, I find myself smirking a little at all the pillars of virtue out on this site (laughing)...and I'm curious as all get out about axeberry's avatar!!! Oh my goodness...(squints at the screen, eyes buggin out)
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    Thanks pashan! And to Muu I am an open book... My husband can read all my textz emails and pictures whatever... And if i'm sending messages about my under clothes it will be to him or target.... Lol... I think that's what you were saying if not oops its the margarita talking lol!

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    Wow... First of all, getting so defensive is the first sign of guilt... Second of all, it was a joke. I figured the emoticons after the message would make that pretty f'in clear.

    If you really have such sensitive material coming to your BB, there is no reason you should worry about password protecting it. Back it up regularly and you won't ever have to worry about someone intentionally entering the wrong code multiple times to cause a wipe.

    Here's the thing. Who is close enough to your phone to actually go through it and see something they shouldn't see other than your significant other? In my life, the answer to that is NOBODY, because I make it such. Have sensitive material on your Berry that you don't want people to see, and you refuse to password protect the device? Simply keep it on your person when you are in public. How and why is that difficult? It isn't, so when a question like this is asked, the logical assumption is that the person asking it is trying to keep something secret from a person they live with.

    Lastly, I am not the only one who made such an assumption, albeit mine was a joke, so who are you to single me out?

    You have the "nerve" to get defensive and tell me to grow up, yet you can't even understand a simple joke? To that I say, chill out, un-bunch your panties and have a nice day.
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    Why would anyone need to save an sms message? I think what everyone has mentioned is good advice. If you don't want anyone reading your "sweet nothings" delete them.

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    totally guilty
    05-06-08 07:04 AM
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    Wow... getting so defensive is the first sign of guilt...

    I just went back and re-read the original post because the first time it just screamed CHEATER! What strikes me as obvious is that the OP didn't ask "how do I keep the data on my blackberry secure?" He said, "I want to be able to have SMS messages from certain individuals not appear in my normal Inbox. I don't want these messages being visible to others" I don't know why this isn't clear to everyone else, but it sure is to me!

    The funniest part of this whole thing is that Bobberry, our OP, hasn't returned to defend himself or call out those accusing him of infidelity. It's others in the thread getting so worked up.

    Methinks that whoever develops this software could make a mint, as this is not the first thread here on Crackberry about hiding messages!!
    05-06-08 08:18 AM
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    I'll say that yes, some people are getting defensive and might be doing things they are ashamed of.


    I know I'd like to get the shutter sound off the camera and it's not because I'm doing anything sneaky. It's mainly because every time I try to take a picture of my cat, that sound freaks her out and she moves. I'm tired of blurry pictures!
    05-06-08 09:32 AM
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    i like my privacy and i would like a app that could lock ANY app that i wanted.
    fuk all that shid bout bien sneaky and cheating.
    i just like my dam privacy. im a very sensitve and closed book person so, o well its my blackberry..
    i dont like peeps metlin in my phone and i shouldnt have to delete my msgs cause im the type of person that rereads some of my msgs when i bored just to give me something to do.
    05-12-08 02:47 PM
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