1. agibbons2's Avatar
    I am a recent convernt from Mot Q, and have seen ppl watching movies on their bb, how is this done? Is there a free compression software available, or do they watch from the net? I have a 2gb card that is almost full of music, do I need a sperate one for videos?
    02-10-08 07:15 AM
  2. DearFloyd's Avatar
    Ill tell you like everyone tells everyone. Theres no real simple way to convert videos. if you already have them on your computer, try Super C to convert them. Also doom9.org has a bunch of tutorials.

    Its not about what you have on your memory card, its about how much space you have for media. So if you have no more space because of the music, then get a new one.
    02-10-08 07:24 AM