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    The Verizon girl said she loaded my BB Curve with my contacts from my previous Razr phone but I couldn't find them. So I did a search here and learned how to change the sync from Outlook to the program I use..."Outlook Express". I did the sync and still can't find my contacts in the Address book. In fact, it actually transferred one contact...a man in my list that I rarely emailed. But the 94 others that my Curve says are in there somewhere...I can't find. Can somebody help? Thanks
    05-20-08 09:20 AM
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    05-20-08 10:39 AM
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    Did the contacts show up in outlook express. Did you do a one way sync from the BB to outlook?

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    05-20-08 12:06 PM
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    05-20-08 12:53 PM
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    - In Address Book, check in Menu, Filters to make sure that all the filter boxes are UNchecked.

    - Look for your Razr contact on the SIM card Address Bok, Menu, SIM Phone Book.

    - When you sync, (phone connected to USB) did you make sure to check
    . Synchronize, Synchronize organizer data.
    . Configuration, Configure synch, Address Book, Setup, Microsoft Outlook Express, Two Way Synch.
    . Configuration, Configure synch, Address Book, Advanced, "Address Book <-----> Personal Foldees/Contats (I'm on Outlook so this might be different for you).
    05-20-08 01:10 PM