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    I spent WAAAY too much time on this yesterday, so I feel adamant about posting these straightforward instructions

    (go to Blackberry.com, search for 'User Guide - BlackBerry Internet Service - 3.2', then search 'change your signature'. Sorry no link, this forum won't let me because I'm new, but here's the text...)

    From the email setup application on your device:
    In the email setup application, on the Email Accounts screen, highlight an email address.
    Press the Menu key.
    Click Edit.
    In the Signature field, type a new signature.
    Press the Menu key.
    Click Save.
    If necessary, type the password for your email address.
    If necessary, click OK until the Email Accounts screen appears.

    There may be many posts on this forum that discuss it, but the answers are vague or cranky - some of the established users here sound like they're in a Chowhound forum when a newbie asks a question.
    11-05-10 02:58 PM
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    No one gets irritated at anyone unless they could have used the search function, checked the forums box and asked the question "how to edit email signatures?" You would have saved yourself some time.


    Answered back in 2007!

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    11-05-10 03:31 PM
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    Well, I totally appreciate the post, even if the dude above me clearly doesn't.

    11-05-10 08:47 PM
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    It's not a matter of appreciating it or not, you would be amazed at what is at your fingertips. If you would just look!

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    11-05-10 09:34 PM