1. wowkster's Avatar
    I have a Pearl 3G. When I am typing a message, the suretype offers an address and fills it in. I am sure that I entered it somewhere before. How/where do I delete these cookies? I don't want to turn off sure type.
    11-23-10 10:43 AM
  2. Reed McLay's Avatar
    Options / Custom Dictionary.

    The Suretype keyboard is an amazing piece of work, half way between T9 and full QWERTY. Throw in some pretty smart software to use your custom dictionary to predict what you are typing, and it usually works really well.

    Locate the text field and choose edit or delete as required.

    11-23-10 12:26 PM
  3. wowkster's Avatar
    Thanks, but it is auto filling numbers with addresses. if i type 75, it auto fills 75 yonge street, toronto etc.
    11-27-10 04:50 PM