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    does anyone know how i can connect to the internet with JUST my wifi, no dataplan no 3g or edge?

    I just want to connect to a site with my new wifi connection, Ive connected the phone and it says connected to wifi but pages wont come up...!!!! does anyone know what I have to do to be able to use the browser with wifi?

    I disconnected my Data service under mobile network options. this cause the following problem:

    1) you can not go to any website or facebook, twitter etc.

    I just need to know how I can connect to the internet with data service switched to off.

    Ive called rogers blackberry tech support and ive been on the phone for 20 mins , the guy told me to do a OS RELOAD which pretty much dident do jack **** and wasted another 10 minuites of my time.

    If anyone knows how to connect to the internet with wifi only please let me know, looks like the rogers bafoons dident even know wtf a 9780 was....
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    11-21-10 04:47 PM
  2. greggebhardt's Avatar
    I connect to the Interenet via WiFi with a Blackberry with no SIM card. It works great! Have you set up your WiFi and tried to connect to your router? What message are you getting if any. It should connect with ease.
    11-21-10 05:43 PM
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    Ok I got it to work now....

    it seems that in order for you to be able to access wifi you need to have your data service button on and than under setting which says what you want to connect to you have to select the option called WIFI ONLY, so it works great this way, i got couple hours of youtube today and video quality was very good.. so far I am impressed.
    11-21-10 11:18 PM