1. indrijaj's Avatar
    hi everyone, im new to the blackberry thing.
    im on my bold and subscribed for data service for local carrier and a week a go i went to china, which i couldnt use it for abroad.
    im wondering if its possible to connect blackberry server via wifi? if it does plz let me know.
    thx a bunch
    05-21-09 07:43 AM
  2. giantfan30's Avatar
    if you have a data plan then you should be able to use WiF ito connect to RIM servers
    with my mobile network OFF and WiFI ON i still recieve push email
    so the answer is YES you can connect to RIM servers with just WiFI providing you do have a BIS plan
    05-21-09 09:13 AM
  3. indrijaj's Avatar
    Thx for the answer, but it didn't work, it said no data available, do I need to do some settings? it worked when I tried browsing, but not for ym, push email, and things that I need data plan, or china blocked me for trying to access RIM server?

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    05-21-09 11:13 AM