1. TheUnknownUser's Avatar
    hey guys been reading CB forums for over 6years i finally decided to create an account since i cannot seem to find my answer so here it goes. i just recently signed up with Wind Mobile and told Rogers to reduce my plan to the cheastest possible until i can cancel with no fee. i have an account with www rogers.blackberry com where i signed up for BIS it seems like i cannot create an account with www windmobile.blackberry com as everything has to be done on the device itself now. i used to have an email user@rogers blackberry net is it possible to keep this email despite being with a new carrier? i doubt it but i thought id ask and if so if i delete the email address is it gone for good?
    12-08-11 09:13 AM
  2. Heavy Fluid's Avatar
    Carrier named emails stay with the carrier. Once you leave the carrier, you leave that email name. You would need to create a new one with your new carrier. I never recommend using the carrier email, because of situations like this.
    12-08-11 09:47 AM
  3. SwitchBeach's Avatar
    And you would need to set up the new email address in the Email Accounts/Settings application on the device.
    12-08-11 05:25 PM
  4. TheUnknownUser's Avatar
    Thank you I just created a new email with my new carrier I use it for people who cannot text me because it charges them and yep I set them up on my new phone
    12-09-11 05:45 PM