02-24-10 07:00 PM
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  1. luvitlo's Avatar
    Sorry I looked and couldn't find my original post on this. I had used a silicone skin and a ratchet clip to carry my BB on my belt but the silicone got streatched and the BB started falling out so I found this on eBay.

    here is how it hangs

    best part is it is open on the sides so you can get to the sd card slot easily.
    11-15-08 09:01 AM
  2. AssortedHippo's Avatar
    Thanks for the in-depth how to!!
    11-15-08 09:04 AM
  3. DAYMAKER's Avatar
    Out On A Boat I Keep It In A Zipped Pocket And Just Use The Bluetooth

    Im Parinoid About Water Damage
    04-12-09 03:16 PM
  4. JAG797's Avatar
    In my tracksuit bottoms. It's so heavy it brings them down half round my a55
    04-12-09 04:11 PM
  5. anon4705193's Avatar
    in my purse's inside zipper pocket in a silicone case
    04-12-09 06:57 PM
  6. danhclare's Avatar
    in the sleeve that came with the bb, then i slide that sleeve straight into my pants pocket.
    04-12-09 07:06 PM
  7. ryoujyoku's Avatar
    Clear plastic hard case. I hate soft cases.
    04-13-09 04:16 AM
  8. ehwin's Avatar
    it looks nice. i might get one now..
    04-13-09 09:48 AM
  9. moder81's Avatar
    I carry my BB Tour in a OEM blackberry pouch! Or I might just put it in a blk silicone skin! That's how I roll.

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    02-21-10 08:38 PM
  10. Greddy87's Avatar
    in a 4mm Roots rubber skin in Jacket pocket..
    02-21-10 08:49 PM
  11. bigdaddyII's Avatar
    Hanging off my belt in a clip.
    02-21-10 08:58 PM
  12. xeju's Avatar
    I carry my new 9700 Bold in the cracked and worn sleeve that came with my old 8320 Curve. It fits fairly snugly, although the Bold is a little smaller than the Curve was. I think the holster that came with the Bold is nice, but it's a little bulky for everyday use for me. I like to just slip the sleeve and BB into my pocket.

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    02-21-10 09:08 PM
  13. pilsbury's Avatar
    I keep my B2 in an Incipio case and use an OEM 9000 holster, which works very well.
    02-21-10 09:12 PM
  14. ineedhelp1234's Avatar
    I carry my 8900 right in my pocket with no case, just a screen protector. I really don't like the way cases feel and I'm not worried about dropping it since it feels very sturdy but I am paranoid about water damage

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    02-21-10 09:42 PM
  15. jgodin03's Avatar
    In the OEM holter on my belt. Or in a silicone skin in my pocket when I go in club(I affraid that someone steal it)

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    02-21-10 09:46 PM
  16. pantlesspenguin's Avatar
    I carry mine in my bag that has a separate, padded, cell phone pocket. If I am expecting an email, text, etc I'll keep it in my right jeans pocket (loose change, chap stick, receipts, etc go in my left). I currently just have a flimsy silicon skin on it, but I'm getting a pocket pouch soon.
    02-21-10 09:46 PM
  17. a.leah86's Avatar
    I use a seidio snap case on my 8530 and carry it in my front right jean pocket.

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    02-22-10 12:40 AM
  18. kyky489's Avatar
    iv had my tour for about 5 months now and it has held up well with just a screen protector. Most of the time its in my pocket and still looks good as new!
    02-22-10 01:45 AM
  19. zurch's Avatar
    i have a Otterbox Defender case for my Tour but i don' use the plastic covering over the keys. I don't like the way it makes my keyboard feel . For my Storm2 i use a Body Glove Holster and clip which comes with it. Available in CB store or at Verizon.
    02-22-10 01:57 AM
  20. BryanTheRed's Avatar
    Otterbox defender case when my Storm rides on my hip, if I am wearing my flight suit its still in the Otterbox in my left breast pocket!
    02-22-10 04:42 AM
  21. fcknbambola's Avatar
    Right now my berry goes in my pocket plain. If I'm going to be super busy I put it in the original case that came with it. I have such a fear of dropping & damaging it. I'm trying to find a case that will protect it, but not cover up it's beauty & add bulk. Lol. I'm being picky this time around. Tired of spending $25 on cases just to use it for a week. :-/

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    02-22-10 05:56 AM
  22. thozgyz's Avatar
    I carry my blackberry in a gunny sack. Sit beneith the trees by the rail road tracks. But hey that's just me.

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    02-22-10 07:39 PM
  23. hondateg91's Avatar
    Just use an oem pouch when in my pocket. A case just adds more bulk.
    02-22-10 09:28 PM
  24. Ronindan's Avatar
    epic case for my S2 however I might get the otter box defender since summer is coming up.
    02-22-10 09:34 PM
  25. Synergie's Avatar
    Currently using the OEM Blackberry Leather side case (the one with the silver logo on it) I have always covered my berries up with silicone covers or oterbox etc but it's such a shame to cover up the looks of the device, especially with the chrome (which I happen to like) on the 9700. So I am just using as is, but putting in the leather case when not in use and being very careful where I take it out. I do have a screen protector on though.
    02-22-10 09:34 PM
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